Thursday, 17 April 2014

Coconut milk served with glutinous rice

When it comes to desserts, I honestly believe that it doesn't have to be sweet to be tasty.  Take this dish, for instance.  There is only 50g of sugar in it and the rest of the sweetness comes from the delicious fruits.  This is a family favourite and I hope it becomes one of yours. 

- 400g glutinous rice (available at any Asian store)
- 400g coconut milk
- 2 Pandan leaves
- 50g sugar
- 1/2 tsp salt
- 1.5L of boiling water
- Seasonal fruit to serve

- Soak glutinous rice over night or 6 hours then drain
- Put coconut milk, sugar and salt into TM bowl and cook it for 5 mins on 100 degrees, speed 2. Pour the contents into a jar and set aside
- Place Pandan leaves into the Varoma and pour the glutinous rice on top of the leaves
- Pour the boiling water into the TM bowl and steam for 20 mins on Varoma, speed 4
- Stir the rice a little and cook for further 10 minutes on Varoma, speed 4
- Put the cooked glutinous rice into a thermoserver or another bowl and pour in half of the coconut milk on the rice.  Let it soak into the rice
- Serve with fresh seasonal fruit (I love eating mine with mango) and drizzle some the remaining coconut milk over your dish... and enjoy!


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