Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Chinese New Year Cake

If you go to any Asian grocery store right now, you will find an array of Chinese New Year cakes for sale near the counter.  I always laugh because, if they are not fresh (and they usually aren't), they are hard as a rock which is not how CNY cakes should be.  They are so easy to make (four ingredients, anyone??) as well so if you have ever wondered how to make CNY cakes, look no further!

- 500g glutinous rice flour (available at any Asian grocery store)
- 400g organic coconut sugar
- 500g luke warm water
- 20g rice brain oil

- 1.5 litres of hot water for steaming

- Line a 20cm cake tin with baking paper, brushing a little bit if oil around the tin first to ensure the paper does not move.  Set aside
- Place coconut sugar and water into the TM bowl, cook for 3 minutes at 37 degrees on speed 2
- Add glutinous rice and oil then mix at speed 4 for 1 minute
- Scrape the sides of bowl and mix it for another 30 seconds
- Pour the mixture into the the pre-lined tin then place in Varoma dish above two little chopsticks to allow the steam to rise
- Pour hot water into TM bowl and steam the cake for 60 minutes at Varoma temperature, speed 2 
- Cool completely in the tin before cutting... and enjoy!

Tip - when the cake has been steamed, there will be about 1 tsp of water residue on the top of the cake.  Carefully pour it out of the tin before allowing the cake to cool


Tina, can I use gula melaka in replacement of organic coconut sugar?

Hello yes you can use gula melaka instead. Just shave it before adding it to the cake. I'd love to hear how you go

Tina, I used gula melaka and it turned out really well. Loved it! Thanks!

Tina, I used gula melaka and it turned out really well. Loved it! Thanks!

Oh great! Thanks so much for letting me know!

Chinese dishes are already tens of years in the manufacture of a wide variety of Chinese

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