Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Chicken corn soup

Do you ever come home after a busy day at work and wonder what to cook for dinner?  Then keep this recipe up your sleeve!  You should have all the ingredients in your fridge or pantry and you'll have dinner on the table in 12 minutes.  This is traditionally a side dish but it also makes a great snack, meal or even lunch the next day.  It's also a great soup for Winter... or any season for that matter!

- 1 chicken thigh chopped into small pieces marinated in salt and pepper to taste
- 2 cobs of corn with corn chopped off (or a 400g can of corn kernels but fresh corn is better)
- 1 egg lightly beaten 
- 1 tbs vegetable stock from TM EDC (every day cookbook)
- 1 litre of water
- 1 tsp of chicken stock (optional but makes the soup tastier)
- 2 tbs corn flour mixed with 1 tbs cold water
- coriander or spring onion to garnish 

- Place corn in TM bowl and roughly cream the corn for 2 seconds on speed 5
- Add chicken, stock and water and stir ingredients with the spatula then cook 100 degrees on reverse speed 1.5, for 12 minutes 
- Cook for a further 2.5 minutes reverse speed 1.5 on , adding cornflower and water mixture in the MC hole. Then add egg mixture.
- Garnish with herb of choice and enjoy!


I made your soup today adapting the recipe to my food lifestyle and it is a definite keeper! Thank you!

I'm so happy to hear, Joanne! Glad you like the recipe.

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