Thursday, 19 June 2014

Simple fried rice

I know everyone has their own version of fried rice but I thought I would share mine.  Traditionally, fried rice is a leftover dish, using rice and meat from a previous meal to make it into a new one.  You will often find cut up steak, roast or even chicken schnitzel whenever I make fried rice for my family!  It's also the perfect meal if you have no idea what to cook.  Use any meat you have in the fridge (or leave out if you would prefer a vegetarian option but I would add a bit more fish sauce) and most freezers have frozen corn and peas!  My version also doesn't use soy sauce, only fish sauce.  When using ham, I find its saltiness sufficient and thus no soy sauce is added.  But if you prefer soy sauce, just use that instead!  
- 400g uncooked rice cooked in a rice cooker or thermomix prior to making the dish
- 300g ham cut into small cubes
- 3 eggs
- 100g frozen/fresh peas
- 100g frozen/fresh corn
- 2 tbs rice brain oil
- 1 tbs gluten free fish sauce
- pepper to taste

- Heat oil in the wok then add the 3 eggs.  Move them around the base of the wok for about 10 seconds
- Add the rice and stir it for a few minutes, ensuring the egg is mixed in well with the rice
- Add the ham, peas, corn and fish sauce then mix well for a few minutes.

And that's it!   Enjoy!


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